We are a
South Australian
craft beer brewing

Extra Pale Ale

Our XPA is a strong pale ale, with the booze at the higher side of a pale ale but lower end of an IPA. In our brewers mind this is an ode to the english ESB but released in a US style with more booze and lots more hops!

Tasting Notes


The name says it all! This beer was created with one intention - to have a full flavoured beer without the booze. Session Ale is a refreshing summer ale with a big tropical fruit nose and a firm moreish bitterness. In typical Mismatch fashion we didn’t want this to be a mid but somewhere in between. A perfect beer enjoyed all year round but a hot summers day with your favourite people and you'll be in beer heaven.

Tasting Notes

passionately brewing
beer – our way – from
high quality
natural ingredients

The Story

We’re a 'mismatch(ed)' bunch of industry professionals and beverage specialist who have joined forces to launch a brewing company in South Australia. Despite the difference in personalities and backgrounds our values when distilled is all about the product. We relish transparency - from what ingredients we use to where we brew our beers.

We currently believe that utilising excess space in other breweries will help grow the holistic craft segment by supporting those that have made the investment. We come from the fundamental belief that the most important issue dominating craft beer today is to make consistent products that should be made for enjoyment. Cheers to drinking better beer.